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THE LOVERS Cleansing Wand

$14.00 USD

THE LOVERS Cleansing Wand by S M U D G E D is a mini cleansing smudge wand with organic sage + wild flowers. Smudging is the act of using smoke from sacred herbs + flowers to cleanse + purify a person or a space. This ancient ritual is practiced by a myriad of cultures + dates back thousands of years.

The smoke wafting from these bundles transforms doubt into trust. And struggle becomes flow, allowing our hearts to radiate harmony + grace. Ignite T H E L O V E R S + be reminded that everything is exactly as it should be

Includes: 1 Floral Smudge Wand + Hand-Stamped Muslin Bag|100% Certified Organic Cali Grown Sage + Wild Flowers