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OPALITE Facial Roller

$34.00 USD

The Facial Roller is a powerful skincare tool for inner + outer beauty. Facial rolling is an ancient healing technique that supports the overall health, vitality + radiance of our skin through gentle massage.

The rolling action promotes lymphatic drainage, increases blood circulation + provides a cooling, soothing effect on the skin, helping uncoil the daily buildup of stress we experience in the face. Physically, this can help improve skin's elasticity, reduce the appearance of puffiness, smooth out fine lines, even skin tone, + ease facial tension. Metaphysically, this can help bring awareness to the mind-body connection for promoting an overall tranquil, peaceful state of being.

Stone: Jade // Color: Green Tones
Stone: Rose Quartz // Color: Pink Tones
Stone: Opalite // Color: Blue Tones

**Each Stone Will Naturally Vary in Color** 

Skin Types: Normal, Dry, Oily, Combo
Target Concerns: Facial Tension, Fine Lines + Wrinkles, Puffiness, Uneven Skin, Loss of Firmness + Elasticity
Skin Feel: Soothed + Revitalized
Skin Look: Firm + Radiant


+ Apply a few drops of serum or oil to face + neck. This helps the roller to glide over skin more smoothly.
+ The key is rolling in upward + outward movements. Repeat all of the movements 3 - 6x.
+ Begin rolling by starting at the center of the face. Roll under the eyes upwards + along the cheekbones out towards hairline.
+ Move to the center of the chin, rolling up along the jawline + out towards the bottom of the ears.
+ Move to between the eyebrows, rolling upwards over the forehead + out towards hairline. Next, use the small end of the roller to roll over the eyebrows, following the arc of the brows to the temples.
+ Roll down the sides of the neck towards the décolletage.
+ Refrigerate for extra cooling + soothing effects.