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Crystal Infused Agua De Florida

$28.00 USD

Crystal Infused Agua De Florida by S M U D G E D
100 mL 𝐞 3.7 oz|Glass Bottle with Mister
100% Natural + Vegan + Cruelty-Free

What It Is: Peruvian Agua de Florida is known for it's cleansing propensities. It has a fresh, crisp scent that does not linger for too long. SMUDGED charges this spray with crystals (which remain in your bottle) + under an auspicious planetary timing.

What It Does: This multi-purpose mist uplifts the energy in any room it is sprayed in + can even be used on the body because it's non-toxic!

♢ General room cleansing (think smudging, minus the smoke)
♢ Freshening up bed linens + towels
♢ Clearing aura / removing dull energy
♢ Refreshing the senses

Sensorial Experience:
   Scent: Light with Citrus + Clove notes
   Texture: Fine Mist