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Operating at the Speed of Divine Love, Starting with your Skin

Written by Ashley Buchanan


Posted on June 07 2021

Operating at the speed of Divine love. What does this mean? It means filling yourself up with so much Divine love, that you feel like you can do anything. Anything you want, anything your heart’s desire. And it starts with your skin. Why? It’s the first thing you see when you look into the mirror. How could you not instantaneously fall in love with it? With yourself? We are our own best partners. We must start acting like it. We must show love to and honor our skin - it’s our body’s largest organ - and the only thing separating our inner universe from our outer universe. We must protect it! We must send it Divine love. Start each morning with your skincare rituals, showering yourself with Divine love. While you sink in loving affirmations into your skin, observe how your head slowly tilts up to the heavens. You may also start to feel your ears fly backwards. This is beautiful. You’re connecting with your higher self. You may start to laugh at yourself. This is also beautiful. Because guess what? No one is watching! No one is actually watching you, except for your higher self! So why not shower yourself with Divine love?  It will pour through you and lift you up! It will jump start your day and propel you onward! You can start to feel slightly euphoric, as this cosmic life force energy flows through you, in and around you. Let it float you towards your next destination. What flies into your heart next? Let the universe and Divine love lead your way. Here are some affirmations I use every morning and night, and throughout my day if my mood feels a little off. Say them in your mind or tell them to yourself out loud - with a vibrant attitude - like you mean it! You’ll never know how good it feels until you try it out...and feel how good it feels. 🖤

“I love my skin SO much!”

“I trust my skin SO much!”

“I love my body SO much!”

“I trust my body SO much!”

“I claim my skin and own my body fully!

“I have the power to make my own decisions, with Divine love guiding me!”

“I have the power to make every moment count today, with Divine love supporting me!”

“The powerful healing energy of Divine love is with me now and always.”

“In Divine love I trust, with every cell in my being!”

“I couldn’t love myself more, I couldn’t love myself more!”

You will feel SO powerful after this healing skincare ritual. I hope you try it out and contact me with your experiences! I love chatting about our skin and bodies. We must celebrate ourselves with each other - it is ever so powerful! Love you all and have the very best day today! You deserve it!